Height Restrictions

At each attraction location, signs are posted to indicate specific height requirements and warnings for certain medical conditions. Listed below are all the attractions that have a height requirement. If a show or attraction is not listed then this show or attraction does not have a height restriction and is open to all guests.

Attraction Minimum Height
Tassie's Twisters (See below) (1)
Whanau Way (See below) (1)
Taumata Racer 42" / 107cm (2)
Walhalla Wave 42" / 107cm (2)
HooRoo Run 42" / 107cm (2)
Kata's Kookaburra Cove (See below) (3)
Dolphin Plunge 48" / 122cm
Loggerhead Lane (See below) (2)
Roa's Rapids (See below) (4)
  • (1) Guests must be able to maintain proper riding position holding on to both handles unassisted
  • (2) Children under 48" / 122cm are required to wear a life vest and be accompanied by an adult
  • (3) For children Under 48" / 122cm only, accompanied by an adult
  • (4) Children under 51" / 130cm are required to wear a life vest and be accompanied by an adult

Certain rides may be closed due to maintenance works, please contact Aquatica before planning your trip.

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