The climate of North and Central Florida is humid subtropical whereas South Florida has a tropical climate.

Florida's rainy season occurs during June through September, this is the time also referred to as the hurricane season. Between October and May fronts regularly sweep through the state which keeps conditions dry, particularly over the peninsula. Towards the end of the dry season in the spring, brush fires become common statewide. In winters where an El Nino climate cycle exists, rainfall increases while temperatures are cooler statewide. Snow and sleet have been witnessed as early as November and as late as April, though most areas do not experience any frozen precipitation during a typical year.

Easterly winds off the warm waters of the Gulf Stream running through the Florida Straits keep temperatures moderate across the southern peninsula year round.

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Highest Temperature

The highest temperature recorded in the state of Florida was on 29 June 1931 at Monticello - 109° F / 43° C

Lowest Temperature

The lowest temperature recorded in the state of Florida was on 13 February 1899 at Tallahassee - -2° F / -19° C

Heaviest Rainfall

The heaviest rainfall recorded in 24 hours in the state of Florida was on 5 September 1950, during Hurricane Easy, at Yankeetown - 38.70 inches / 98.3 cm

Heaviest Snowfall

The heaviest snowfall recorded in the state of Florida was on 6 March 1954 at the Milton Experimental Station Santa Rosa County - 4 inches / 10 cm

Strongest Hurricane

The strongest hurricane to strike the state of Florida was on 2 September 1935. The Great Labor Day Storm is just one of three Category 5 Hurricanes to make landfall in the US. The storm had a minimum pressure of 26.35 inches / 892 millibars

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