Environment Protection

To ensure that Florida's wildlife survives and thrives for future generations to enjoy - residents, tourists and government agencies need to be doing everything in their power to help protect the environment as best they can.

Acacia Holiday Homes has a number of incentives that we run from turning off or turning down air conditioning units in our holiday homes when they are empty, to pushing for a paperless office via effectively implementing fax to email and email contracts which significantly aids in reducing our paper consumption. We also run our offices from our own homes which helps to dramatically reduce fuel consumption normally used in traveling to and from home to office.

Florida's back garden is an endless trail of natural beauty and to help keep this outstanding beauty we must try to protect and give back to the environment with every possible opportunity. Please remember this when visiting Florida. Buy one solid reusable water bottle instead of numerous throw-away plastic bottles, if the subdivision you are staying in supports recycling, use the recycling bins provided in the home and remember when visiting our State parks - Don't recklessly discard your trash on the trails, please use the bins provided.

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Aviana Resort, Davenport

  • 4 bedrooms, sleeps 8 people
  • The perfect vacation villa!
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